We provide professional horse blanket cleaning, waterproofing, repair and supplies for the Las Vegas  Valley and surrounding communities. With great customer service and excellent prices, let us take care of all your equine needs.


“honestly they (our horse blankets)
looked like new and one was really
in bad shape. You really did a great
job. Thank you for all your hard work!”
~ Pat

     Why Wash? 

We highly recommend that blankets be cleaned on a regular basis. The ammonia found in urine and manure act like acid on fabric, greatly reducing the strength and durability of the fabric. The breakdown of the fabric makes it very easy to rip and disintegrate. Additionally the summer heat, especially in our climate, bakes the ammonias into the fabric, leaving permanent stains and weakening the material.

   Drop off Locations

V&V Rancho  702.740.4242
3696 North Rancho 
V&V Durango  702.740.4040
8043 North Durango Suite 110
IFA Country Store  702.837.1755
3176 Martin Avenue

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